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Coos Canyon “Hike-oooo”

Mermaid in water Golden rays burning my neck Voices of children Ripples in water Slip’ry Algae suspended In awe and wonder Doggy on the rocks Drinking cool mountain water Non alcoholic

Grey, Black, and Rain

Ev’rytime it rains A black cloud envelopes me There is no shelter

Recovery Hike

On a warm spring day The mountain gains in stature I’m climbing higher.

Thank You

Hey Blog Readers: Thank you so much for sticking with me as i relearn to walk after a serious surgery. I just started walking without crutches. More adventures coming soon. It has been really nice to share my adventures with you. I really like the comments thst you leave. Talk soon.


Hello Friends and Subscribers, I just had a surgery on my foot.  It is connected to the injury I sustained on the Appalachian Trail.  Between not having a computer for a while and dealing with a bad injury, I have not been writing. It is a relief to have this operation done. I stretch and … Continue reading SURGERY

Drunk Man Walking

I staggered along the trail until we came to a large boulder at the bottom of Webster Cliffs. I laid on top of the boulder and hoped to sober up.


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