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Maine Rain

Rain like horses hooves Hikers fording fast rivers Bunks at the cabin

Appalachian Trail Hiker Jam 1

Today some talented hikers came through. Listen to them jam. Where are the other talented hikers?

Welcome to the Cabin

Hungry hikers eat Honey’s lovely lasagna The sun is scorching

Table Rock

Walking over rock Traveling over mountains I am getting strong Giant table rock Wild wind whispers sounds Noise from the blacktop Bowl of cool water Carved in a granite table Over the asphalt

Coos Canyon “Hike-oooo”

Mermaid in water Golden rays burning my neck Voices of children Ripples in water Slip’ry Algae suspended In awe and wonder Doggy on the rocks Drinking cool mountain water Non alcoholic

Grey, Black, and Rain

Ev’rytime it rains A black cloud envelopes me There is no shelter

Recovery Hike

On a warm spring day The mountain gains in stature I’m climbing higher.


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