IAT Section hike

Water flows over

A Boulder in the river

Canoe leaves skidmark

Quick current kisses

Recharge a tired hiker

So does Knorrs pasta.

Rapid erosion

Creates conglomerate Kairn

Artist paints on shore.

We just did a 40 mile section of the International Appalachian Trail, just north of Mount Katahdin. We ate lunch at one of Henry David Thoreau’s campsites from his 1857 expedition and camped at staircase falls where we watched a group of kids from a camp canoe down them.

It was a good time. I am feeling way stronger. It’s been 4 months after having my Achilles tendon taken off, my heel sawn off, bone spur removed, and my Achilles screwed back on. Rusty thinks we need to hike all the way to Nova Scotia and then go across the ocean to keep hiking from Europe to Africa. What do you think?

I wonder if we could see more from the top of Kilamanjaro?

Happy Trails.

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