Hello Friends and Subscribers,

I just had a surgery on my foot.  It is connected to the injury I sustained on the Appalachian Trail.  Between not having a computer for a while and dealing with a bad injury, I have not been writing.

It is a relief to have this operation done. I stretch and do yoga all the time. I drink lots of water and eat pretty healthy (too much sometimes). Regardless, my muscles get super tense and my calves got so tight that they were pulling on my tendons. That is what broke my foot last year and caused Haglunds Deformity where my Achilles inserts into the heel. In another spot, a bone spur developed that is growing into my Achilles, so every time I stretched, it was hurting me, which made the calf even tighter and unable to rehabilitate.

The surgery is over and I am in bed for 8 weeks, followed by 3 weeks of relearning to walk on a flat surface. The doctor said that by summer, I should be able to go on hikes and adventure again, but it will take a year for me to get to 95%.

Fortunately, we have moved to a beautiful area in Maine on a chain of lakes. We can paddle for days out of our backyard. My awesome in-laws gave us a kayak that I plan on using extensively in April as I start moving around again.

Rusty, my wonderful partner, has really been living up to one of her many nicknames, “Mama Wolf”, and taking incredible care of me. I love her so much and am so lucky to have her in my life. No one has ever loved me like her.

It will be a long road to recovery but I have many things to look forward to. I will be doing a semester of college online as I recover. During the summer we will be going to the Gila Wilderness to hike and see a friend. In July, I will be doing a week long Maine Guide prep course and applying for my license. In late summer, there will be more adventures on the International Appalachian Trail. Fall will be the start of my Outdoor Recreation Associates Degree.

There are more stories that I intend to publish from our 2019 and 2020 adventures. This down time should allow me to get caught up on the blog before I go on anymore adventures.

I really appreciate your patience and support. Happy Trails!


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