MSR Hubba Hubba NX

This picture was taken immediately after setting up in the rain.

I bought the MSR Hubba Hubba NX in late July of 2019 for the northern half of my Appalachian Trail hike. I had been using a two person tent for myself, because I am claustrophobic. I met my (now) wife (Rusty) a few weeks before I received my tent. It was a relief that it was roomy enough for both of us without me feeling claustrophobic. I think this mostly has to do with how much I love her and not the square footage of the tent, although the square footage is sufficient. For perspective I am a stocky guy and about 5’9” tall and she is petite and 5’2”. Now she carries the poles and I carry all the fabric.

The doors on each side are nice. We were able to use the vestibules to store things and crawl out of the tent without having to crawl over each other. The tent did not come with a footprint, so I used the old one from my Featherstone Granite UL2. I am planning to use a Tyvek sheet for my footprint on my next trip. Something I may do is cut the Tyvek so the footprint extends into the vestibule. One of my trail brothers has a different tent that is designed that way and I really liked that feature. I really liked how when I spread the poles out, they almost attach on their own. It is a very easy set up. The stakes are small, light weight, and very solid.

The second week in use, there was some “hubba hubba” going on IN the Hubba Hubba and we rolled the wrong way and ripped a couple stitches on the wall where the mesh and fabric meet, but it is still holding together after 100 more uses. I am probably going to repair it myself before my next big hike instead of using the 3 year warranty that came with it. I would not call the floor waterproof, but it is much better than my old tent, the Featherstone Granite UL 2. Again, use a footprint. The rain fly is really nice. You can zip it in different configurations. It fastens to the top pole very securely, which enables the user to setup different rain-fly configurations. When it was scorching hot outside, or if I just wanted a better view of nature, I would pull the sides of the rain-fly up and fold them over the top of the tent. It has lots of mesh on the inside and vents in the rain-fly that can be opened and closed. The tent breathes well and stays warmer than I expected.

I just used this tent last night in a deluge. There was thunder, lightning, wind, and rain. It has been packed up for several months, but still performed great. Rusty, Baby Wolf (our pet dog), and I slept magically beside a waterfall. It is a little too tight to have the dog in there with us, but it is also just a two person tent.

Rusty and I do OK, but our dog “Baby Wolf” prefers more room. She hates feet. for specifications.

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