Osprey Stratos 50

First week on the A.T. with too much stuff. Eventually, I moved my tent roll to the top, got rid of the hat, and water bladder. It isn’t a good idea to have your pack looking like a Christmas tree.

I bought my Osprey Stratos 50 in April of 2019 and lived out of it full-time for 8 months. Actually, I went through 2 in those 8 months. My first one lasted 2 months before I broke the clip on the cinch strap. Typically, I would repair something like that on my own, but on a long distance hike like that, I didn’t have the resources and I bought an Osprey because of their customer service. I emailed them, they called me, told me where to swap my pack out at no cost to me. I was able to do so about a week up the trail.

I took the brain off of it as soon as I got it and cut those straps off. I have also cut off a lot of little bungees, straps, etc. that I didn’t need, to save on weight. I never used the side zipper on it. The straps at the bottom were used to carry my seat pad. I used a contractor bag for a liner and used the rain cover that came with the pack. I never had an issue with the contents of my pack getting wet. The suspension system on it is very nice and makes for a comfortable carry. During 100 degree weather, I took my shirt off for a day and the mesh acted like a cheese grater on my back. It was gnarly. Keep your shirt on, Hot Shot!

I was never gentle on this pack. When I first started the trail, I had a full resupply weight of 42lbs, which means I was carrying 38lbs inside of the Stratos 50! I often picked it up by the shoulder strap and swung it onto my back. There have been many boulders that I dropped my pack off of or threw my pack on top of to facilitate easier movement. It has been used as a pillow and an ottoman inside my tent. I would often hang it by the top handle that is between the shoulder straps while having lunch at shelters. It has been rained on more than I can count and in the elements for 32 weeks. The rain cover that came with the pack held up the entire time. This is a VERY TOUGH pack that rides easy on the back. After about 500 miles, I had my full weight down to about 36lbs. Once this pack (or any pack) has been used on something like a thru-hike attempt, you can count on the perma-stank being too bad to continue using. Currently, I am experimenting with getting the smell out. Any tips?

At less than $200 and under 4lbs, I would highly recommend this pack.

Eventually I moved my tent to the top of the pack for more stability.
I am on the far left with my pet Osprey. Picture courtesy of http://www.thewanderingkiltsman.com. This is mostly how my pack looked. The clothes hanging from it were drying.


Load Range 20 – 40 lbs.

S/M2868 in3 / 47 l25.6h x 14.2w x 15d in.3.557 lbs.
M/L3051 in3 / 50 l27.6h x 14.2w x 15d in.3.682 lbs.

Fabric Main 210D Nylon

Crosshatch Accent 420HD Nylon Packcloth

Bottom 420HD Nylon Packcloth


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